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Our Story:

Gear Up Industries was founded by those with a passion for preparedness. We are fellow adventurers who understand the need for the most reliable equipment to explore the harsh wilderness or the hustle and chaos of the urban jungle.

Founded in June 2002 we were surprised by the lack of high-quality retailers that carried well engineered and functional equipment. We have partnered with some of the best manufacturers of Everyday Carry (EDC) Gear, these products have been tested by us to ensure that they meet the high standard that we as adventurers have so that you know you are getting the best gear.


Our Gear:

In 2021 we will be expanding our own licensed EDC Gear. This gear will be designed specially with our adventurers in mind. We want to ensure that our licensed products will meet the highest standards possible. That is why we are putting them through a strict test and quality control process that will allow us to produce ECD Gear that you will be able to rely on. 

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